10 Security Products to Secure Your Home in 2022


The future of home security is here! With new technology, products, and services emerging every day, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the best security products for your home in 2022.

#1 How to Secure Your Apartment?

It is not possible for everyone to purchase their own house. Most people stay on rent in apartments. As owners, it is easy to install security systems in your own home for safety. But for renters it is not that easy, they have to be at the mercy of the landlords for the security of their belongings.

Reports say renters are likely to experience home burglary around 85% more than the homeowners. But luckily, even renters have options for adding security to their places, though it is limited. In this article, we will discuss some of the easy security measures renters can implement to keep their apartment safe.

Security Products to Secure Your Home

#2 Security Products to Secure Your Home

#1 Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is one of the first things you think of when it is about security. Proper outdoor lighting can help keep away potential intruders. Look for apartments that have well-lit courtyards, parking areas and walkways.

If you feel some additional outdoor lighting would increase the security of your apartment, inform your landlord immediately to get the necessary arrangements as soon as possible or take permission for the same. You can even install Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera System that has in-built light and serves the purpose of both lighting and security camera.

#2 Wireless Doorbell

A wireless doorbell is a device that includes a doorbell transmitter and a chime box receiver. It can either run on batteries or be connected to the main electrical system of the house. Being wireless it proves to be quite convenient for the renters.

When you push the transmitter button which is usually fixed outside the home it sends radio signals to the receiver fitted inside the home. Some wireless doorbell even comes with video features that help in keeping your property safe and secure.

Since wireless doorbells are free from wires you can use two or even more receivers with one transmitter and fit them in the basement or garage to ensure that you don’t miss out the doorbell when you are working in these places.

#3 Door Security Bar

A door security bar is basically a metal tube that is fitted against the floor and the doorknob. These bars can be easily adjusted for a range of lengths. It is simple to set up and usually works with all kinds of doors.

Door security bars act as an extra security measure for your front and back doors that the burglars target the most while breaking into any home. You never know when someone will try to break into your home, so taking an extra security measure as a renter can prove to be safe for your family as well as your belongings.

#4 Smoke Detector

This is a device that can sense smoke and prevent any outbreak of fire. As a tenant, you should ensure that the smoke alarms inside the apartment are in proper working condition and are always turned on. If the apartment has no smoke detectors, make sure you get them installed with the required permission for your landlord.

In today’s world, electrical sources are one of the chief causes of fire risk. So, never overload extension cords or electrical outlets and always use devices that have been tested for safety and designed to protect the outlets, like surge protectors. Also, stay away from malfunctioning equipment.

#5 Peephole Security Camera

Peephole door camera is a type of different security camera and is considered as a great option to track the people entering your home. It acts as a safety measure for you and your family as it records all suspicious activities outside the main door. Some peephole cameras can also be controlled through your smartphone app. This helps you to monitor who is outside your door and take the necessary precautions. This can be a very effective safety device for the tenants.

#6 Door Reinforcement Lock

The front door of your house is one of the most targeted entry points of the intruders. Most of you think that they would try to sneak in through a window or the back door. It is true that sometimes they do, but the front door proves to the easiest way to get into any house.

This makes it very important to ensure that your front door is properly secured. A door reinforcement lock that is easy to install offers that added security to your front door. It is a type of lock that can be opened only from inside and really convenient for the renters.

This lock protects you against any unwanted and unauthorized entry. It can prevent lock picking or lock bumping when the door is in the locked position. They are tamper-resistant and most door reinforcement locks are designed to withstand around 800 pounds of force. They can easily fit on any swinging door and offers a child-safe design.

#7 Outdoor Security Cameras

In many apartments as tenants you might be thinking of putting security cameras outside the rented apartment to keep a watch on the people who come and go outside the apartment. In this case, you can consider installing a High-Quality IP Security Camera.

But remember as a tenant you may not be always permitted to place security cameras outside the apartment in places like the staircases, hallway, etc. as it may interfere with the privacy of the other tenants residing in the same apartment.

Installing an outdoor security camera in these areas may be objected by the neighbors even if your landlord gives permission, as you may use it for keeping a check on their daily routine. So, if you are planning to install one it is advised that you discuss with the other tenants to ensure that they don’t have any objection to it in order to avoid unnecessary hassles.

#8 Indoor Security Cameras

Since there a lot of legalities that you need to face both from the landlord and the other tenants in putting up a surveillance camera outside your rented apartment, hence you can consider installing an indoor security camera for your safety.

When it comes to installing indoor security cameras the landlord can again raise an objection as it would involve drilling that would cause damage to the apartment. But if you opt for a Wireless Indoor Security Camera then they should not be having any problem. So Wi-Fi security cameras can be the best option to keep your property safe.

#9 Gun Safe

Nowadays, anything can happen anytime. So as a self-protection arm in the US most people keep guns at home. To keep your guns safe and away from unwanted users, children or thieves you should invest in one of the Best Gun Safes. Some gun safes can also be used to store other valuable items and documents to protect them from not only thieves but also flood, fire or any other natural calamity.

Being a tenant you should go for a lightweight gun safe so that it is easy to transport. Also, as a tenant, you should check with your landlord if it is allowed to keep guns in his apartment. As in the US, most landlords prohibit the renters from storing guns. So, check with the laws of the area and with your landlord before you get one home.

#10 Generators

Nowadays, power cuts have become a common problem in almost every society. So when you stay in any rented apartment society you should ensure that it is equipped with some kind of power backup. A diesel generator can be one of the perfect power-backup options in an apartment society. It not only makes your life comfortable but also adds to your security.

If your society does not have one you can even get a compact portable generator on rent to power some devices in your apartment off course with your landlord’s permission. A standby generator proves to best for homeowners who want some extra security.

#3 FAQ’s

10 Security Products to Secure Your Home in 2022

There are many different types of security products available on the market. Some of the most popular include home security systems, door and window alarms, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras.
The type of security product you choose should be based on your specific needs and preferences. For example, if you live in a high-crime area, you may want to consider a home security system with 24/7 monitoring. If you are concerned about someone breaking into your home while you are away, door and window alarms may be a good option for you. Motion sensors can also be a great way to deter burglars, as they will set off an alarm if someone enters your home without your permission.
The cost of security products varies depending on the type and brand of product you choose. Home security systems can start at around $100, while door and window alarms may cost as little as $20 each. Motion sensors typically range in price from $30 to $50 each. Surveillance cameras can also vary greatly in price, depending on the features and quality you select.

#4 Conclusion

If you stay in a rented apartment you can’t just rely on your landlord to provide you the necessary security measures. You should be proactive about your own safety, do the necessary research and take the steps to keep your family and belongings safe.

If required consult with your landlord and get any of the above-mentioned security products as per your need. Once you take this small step you would see that you are able to live a much comfortable life with peace of mind and definitely better security.

We hope this list of security products has given you a better idea of what’s available to help secure your home in 2022 and beyond. While no security system is foolproof, these products can give you some peace of mind that your home is as safe as it can be. With the right combination of products, you can create a fortress that will deter even the most determined burglars. So, don’t wait – start protecting your home today!


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