How to Prevent Fire In The Kitchen?


If you don’t want to buy Fire Extinguisher for home, Wait! Before making this decision, you should read this article. A kitchen fire is the most common reason for a home fire, and millions of people have died in these kinds of tragedies.

Many people don’t realize the importance of a Smoke detector at home. If you also think that Smoke detectors are unnecessary, continue to read further to know how to prevent fire in the kitchen and the importance of smoke detectors.

Cooking is a popular hobby, and many people enjoy spending time in the kitchen preparing meals. However, cooking can also be dangerous if done improperly. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips on how to prevent fires in the kitchen, and how to deal with them should they occur.

How to Prevent Fire In The Kitchen?

#1 What Causes Fire In The Kitchen?

If you consider the House fire cases, the most common reason for a house fire in the kitchen. According to recent studies, there are three leading causes of kitchen fires;

#1 Leaving cooking food unattended:

Many women tend to do multitasking while cooking. So, they put the cooker on the stove and go to another room for their work. However, it is a horrible idea. It is highly advisable never to leave your cooking food unattended.

If you leave, there are so numerous possibilities that your kitchen may start burning. Frying food is a prevalent cause of kitchen fire. If you leave the frying food unattended, it may burn your home to the ground.

#2 Placing Flammable too close to the heat source:

It is another leading cause of kitchen fire. People tend to keep oil near the stove because they have to use it frequently; however, oil is a flammable substance, and it may catch fire if you make any mistake.

Besides oil, things like hand towels, paper towel holders, cleaning rags, napkins, wooden utensils, cookbooks, and fabric oven mitts are also combustible substances. That’s why you should keep the Fire Blanket in the kitchen.

#3 Unintentionally turning on or not turning off the equipment:

It is the worst thing you can do to burn your house. People are often in a hurry and walk away from open flames or forget to turn off flames; this leads to severe consequences. If you are doing multiple works while cooking, you may forget to turn off equipment.
Apart from these three leading causes, there are other reasons for kitchen fire like;

• Setting up the cooking temperature of the oven or microwave too high.
• Faulty kitchen appliances can cause a fire.
• Loose-fitting clothes are also responsible for the kitchen fire.
• Cooking when you are tired and sleepy may lead to severe problems.
• You are cooking when you are physically or cognitively impaired.
• Too many people in the kitchen can also lead to a kitchen fire. It increases the probability of making a mistake.
• Not having a Kitchen appropriate fire extinguisher can also spread the fire in the whole kitchen.

#2 How To Prevent Fires In The Kitchen?

If you want to prevent fires in the kitchen, you should follow these precautions. It is very straightforward to follow these measures, and if you make them a part of your habit, you will not be facing any accident in the kitchen.

#1 Maintain your kitchen appliances:

Suppose you are using the old appliances 10 to 12 years old, it’s better to get off it before it brings a severe problem like a kitchen fire. You should maintain your kitchen appliances as you should regularly service them, clean them, and repair them if you find any issues. Never take anything for granted in the kitchen. You should clean the microwave and oven regularly.

#2 Unplug electric appliances when you don’t use them:

Make sure you don’t forget to unplug the electrical appliances like toasters, mixers, ovens, coffee makers, etc., when you are not using them. If you forget to turn them off, if you have a habit of unplugging them from electricity, these appliances will not cause any problem.

#3 Use fire safety devices:

There are some fire safety devices like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers for the kitchen, and Fireproof Safe for Documents. These safety devices prevent any big fire accident. If you have a smoke detector, then it will trigger an alarm for smoke, and you can use a fire blanket or fire extinguisher to eliminate the fire.

#4 Use caution when lighting the burner on a gas:

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lighting the burner on the gas. Never try any shortcut in this process.

#5 Don’t use metal in the microwave:

If you use metal in the microwave, it may create a spark and lead to a fire in the kitchen.

#6 Don’t overfill utensils with oil or grease:

Oil and grease are highly flammable substances. So, you should make sure they never come in direct contact with fire when you use them. Never overfill frying pan or pots with oil or grease.

#7 Wipe up spills and don’t cook on a dirty stove:

Grease build-up on the gas is flammable. So, you should clean the stove before using it and never cleaning while cooking.

#8 Always roll up long sleeves and tie your back long hair:

You don’t need your beautiful long sleeve trail into spaghetti sauce and catch fire. So, always roll up long sleeves and tie your back long hair.

#9 Pay attention while cooking:

You should never leave cooking food unattended. Pay attention while cooking, and never multitask. Never go to another room when you turn on the burner.

#10 Keep flammable things away from the stove:

You should keep things like dish towels, paper towels, and pot holders away from the gas stove. It will prevent fire accidents.

#3 How To Put Out Kitchen Fire?

If a fire starts in the kitchen, you should first try to control the fire. Do you know how to handle the kitchen fire? To prevent the kitchen fire, you should follow these simple instructions;
• If there is a fire in the oven or microwave, you should close the door and turn off the microwave. Don’t open the door, and the fire diminishes due to lack of oxygen.

• If your oven continues to developing fire, call the fire department.

• If you have a fire in the cooking pan, you can use an oven mitt, turn off the gas flame and move the pan from the burner.

• If you couldn’t safely put the lid on a burning pan or have any lid, you can use a fire extinguisher or fire blanket.

• You shouldn’t use water to control the grease fire. Water repels the grease, and if you use water to control grease fire, it will spread the fire. If you want to control the grease fire, you can use the following techniques;
 If the fire is small, you can cover it with a lid and turn of the stove.
 You should throw baking soda or salt on the fire. Never use Flour.
 You can put a wet blanket or fire blanket on it.
 Use a fire extinguisher for the kitchen.
 Don’t use a towel, apron, or any cloth on the fire. If you want to put it on the utensil, then use wet clothes.

• If the fire is spreading around the house, and you can’t control it, call 911 for help. And get out of the home safely.

#4 How Do I Protect My Home Fire In My Kitchen?

To protect your home from fire in the kitchen, you should be conscious while you cook. And if you are trapped in the kitchen with the fire, you can use fire safety devices like a fire escape ladder and fire extinguisher to control the fire and escape from the kitchen.

You should keep this fire safety equipment in your home. Make sure the fire extinguisher is of decent quality and grade to control the fire. Ensure you haven’t worn nylon or similar clothes because they can stick to your skin when they burn.

You should immediately call 911 to control the fire. As a preventive action, you can install smoke detectors and a water sprinkler system in your house. So, when the Smoke Detectors sense the smoke, the water sprinkling starts.

#5 Why You Need A Smoke Detector?

According to studies, approx. Two thousand people lose their lives in home fire only in the United States every year. The biggest reason for the house fire in the kitchen. Most people don’t know about the fire in the kitchen, and when they know, the situation will be out of control. When people fall asleep, the fire comes out and burns the house to the ground.

If people know about the fire early, it will be easy to control a small fire. That’s why it is essential to install smoke detectors at home. These smoke detector alarm people if it detects the smoke and people and quickly finds out the place from where fire comes, and they can use a fire extinguisher to control this fire.

#6 Conclusion

It is essential to keep Fire Extinguisher for Home. This device can prevent a big fire accident. It is necessary to concentrate while cooking because most of the residential fire occurs due to kitchen accidents.

You can install smoke detectors to alarm you in case of fire. You can use fire safety equipment to protect yourself and control the fire. Comment below if you any questions.

If you’re like most cooks, you’ve probably experienced a fire in the kitchen at some point. Unfortunately, fires in the kitchen are all too common and can be very dangerous. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the preventative measures that you can take to keep your kitchen safe from fires. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to deal with a fire if it does happen. Hopefully, by following these tips, you’ll be able to avoid a fire in your kitchen altogether.


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