Home Security Installation – DIY vs Professional


Home Security Installation DIY vs Professional

Eventually, the world is becoming a dangerous place to live in with the rising number of crimes. So, in order to stay safe and protect your home and hard-earned belongings, you need to invest in good quality home security equipment.

It has been noted that unfortunately most of the homeowners take it easy do not bother to invest in any home security device. Only about 17% of the homes in the US have home security systems installed. Seeing this statistic now you must be thinking of installing a home security system. But now the next question is for this installation process whether you should hire a professional service provider or do it on your own with a DIY kit.

But remember whichever method you adopt, only installing the security camera is not enough, you should be able to connect it to a monitoring device, be it your PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. This is also a key part of the installation process.

#1 Pros and Cons of DIY Installation of Security Systems

Nowadays, the security systems equipment that we come across, are simple to install if we follow the instruction manuals carefully. There are also several YouTube videos that we can follow to make the job easier. DIY installation of a security camera has its own pros and cons, so you can take a look at and decide accordingly.

#1 Pros

You Get the Freedom – Most people have a strict schedule that includes their work, social commitments, gatherings, etc. so adjusting the time with a professional service provider becomes just next to impossible.

Also many of us don’t like the idea of having an outsider inside the house. After all, he would be a stranger whom we have to let inside our house. Usually, the installation services are outsourced by the security companies to some local installation companies that become even riskier.

Get it Done Faster – When you rely on professional installation, the technicians can take around a week and even more time to pay a visit. But if you decide to go for DIY installation, you can get it installed as per your own schedule which proves to be much faster.

Economical – For most people, money can be a big factor. A professional installation is expensive sometimes it can even go up to $300. So, by opting for DIY installation, you can actually save on the installation money.

#2 Cons

The Lack of Professional Skill – You may be skilled at installing the security device but at the end of the day, you lack professional knowledge and expertise.

A true professional knows which would be the best place to put up the security device and also has the required tools for installation. With their years of experience and professional training, no one can beat them. Also, with professional installation, you have the warranty for the service.

#2 Pros and Cons of Professional Installation of Security Systems

When it comes to installing a security camera at home or in the office we all want to ensure that it works properly and doesn’t create a lot of issues. We all install security devices to enjoy peace of mind and definitely won’t want the system to keep creating some problem.

This is one key reason why people choose professional installation services over self-installation. At times when you purchase a security device, it may come with a free installation service, that you can easily avail.

#1 Pros

The Experience Counts – The “professional eye” is known to improve the security of the space you plan to monitor. An expert will know exactly where you need to install the device for maximum coverage.

Also, professionals will install the device it such a way that it would stay up there safe for years to come and you don’t need to worry about it falling off and causing any accidents. With their years of experience, they even have a proper and safe idea about wired connectivity and also give the place a neat look.

You Get to Save Money – The expertise of the professional technicians at times even help you save money. You as a novice may feel the need of two security cameras to cover a certain area, but when you hire a professional person, he will install a single device in such a way that it covers the entire area you were planning to get coverage of. So, here you can get the job done with only one camera instead of two and thus save on money.

The Job is Done Faster – Professionals do such installation work every day, in fact, 2 to 3 installations per day and sometimes even more than that. So, the speed at which they get the job done can never match with that of a novice.

#2 Cons

Difficult to Match Your Schedule – Scheduling an appointment with the professionals is really tough. They remain so busy that you may have to wait for weeks or even more than that to get their free slot. When you too have a busy schedule then it becomes really difficult to match a suitable timing with their slot. So, ultimately the entire installation process keeps getting delayed.

#3 Conclusion

So, now you must have seen that both DIY and professional installation of a security device have their respective pros and cons. When you get a quotation of any professional installation service, you should not only consider the service charges but try and match the charge with the quality of service they would provide, the protection they are offering and also match it against your skill.

If you are opting for a DIY method you should have the technical as well as electrical knowledge required for the perfect installation, so that the device doesn’t keep bothering you from time to time.

Finally, whatever decision you take the important thing you should remember is that a home security device is responsible for the security of your home, your family and your belongings deserve, make no compromise in this matter.


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