TOP 10 Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews 2021

Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews : Installing bright lights outside your home help deter thieves from invading into your property. Also, if you can add hidden cameras it helps you to stay at peace when you leave your home. Light Bulb Security Camera is the ideal solution that will serve both the purposes. They not only keep our family safe, the exterior of your home secure but also send you instant images and video clips if any unnatural incident takes place. Apart from the general home security, a light bulb camera can also act as a nanny camera.

The similarity between a normal bulb and a light bulb camera is both can fit into the normal socket. Once the camera is fixed, you can view the feed from anywhere as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection.

But figuring out light bulb camera would be the best to protect your home and loved ones is a real challenge. Hence, we have done thorough research on the various features like product design, picture quality, reliability and camera view and come up with some of the best models that you can consider buying.

Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews

#1 Best Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews 2021

#1 Sengled Floodlight Camera Motion

Sengled Floodlight Camera MotionDo you own an Alexa? Then you should definitely go for this Floodlight Camera which works in coordination with Alexa and thus can be controlled to show real-time video with your voice.

This funnel-shaped white colored light bulb security camera WiFi product features ultra-bright dimmable floodlights that can detect motion within 30 feet.

It can receive instant alerts whenever motion is detected. Its built-in LED floodlight portrays more detailed and colorful images even at night. Also, automatic black and white night vision is available.

During a low light situation, the LED light will automatically turn on as the person passes by. With the aid of the PIR sensor and AI algorithm, motion can be detected more accurately and bring down the number of false alarms.

Its 140° wide viewing angle together with 1080P FHD live streaming and infrared color night vision in darkness allows you to keep track of everything in and around your home for 24 hours.

The device is waterproof and can be easily installed by screwing it on to the lamp holder. Its 360° adjustable rotating head with wireless antennas ensures a more stable connection and enhanced WiFi signal.

Being weather resistant with the external antenna Snap 2 it proves to be ideal for big houses and external use. You also get to choose subscription plans that allow unlimited Live streaming and 24-Hour Continuous Video Cloud Storage.

#2 Toucan Outdoor Wireless Wifi Security Camera

Toucan Outdoor Wireless Wifi Security CameraTransform your existing light fixture into an intelligent security lighting system with the help of the TOUCAN Camera Kit. This device requires no batteries to run; instead, it is uniquely powered by your existing light fixture.

This disc-shaped black colored device lets you see a live-stream video of the person waiting at your door or whether the courier has arrived even if you are not at home.

All you need to do is install the free Kuna app to receive a notification on your smart device. You can even communicate with the person at the other end with the help of the 2 way communication function. Not only does it allow you to receive a notification, but you can also download it for future reference or use.

One of the unique features of the TOUCAN Outdoor WiFi Security Camera is its ability to control the light via the app in your phone with the help of the motion sensor triggering or dusk to dawn programming.

There is an in-built 100db loud siren alarm that starts ringing in case of intrusion by any unwanted visitors, pre-recorded greeting messages and one-touch dial for 911.

Setting up the device is as easy as fixing a light bulb and it takes hardly 15 minutes to install. Being weatherproof this is probably one of the best outdoor security camera systems that ensure proper functioning even in the harsh weather conditions. With a customer review of around 270 in Amazon, it speaks of its popularity.

#3 LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb Security Camera

LUWATT Panoramic Light Bulb CameraThe white colored bulb shaped device is fitted with an in-built 360-degree fisheye camera with a resolution of 1080P HD and 2.0 Megapixel that can capture clearer images or videos for you.

It can be also considered as a pet security camera as the 360-degree panoramic bulb camera features a two-way communication system with the help of which you can communicate with your family and even your pets when you are away from home.

The night vision and IR motion detection function allow the bulb camera to detect and send the clippings to your 360eyes phone app any time be it day or night to keep you aware of the different conditions. By connecting your phone to a 2.4G WiFi connection you can control the light camera anywhere anytime.

#4 TUPEYA Wireless Light Bulb Security Camera

TUPEYA Light Bulb Wireless Security CameraProtect your home from thief break and other nasty activities with one of the best wireless security camera systems. This white colored bulb shaped light bulb camera comes with clear 1080P Full HD day and night vision at 25fps in the daytime and up to a distance of 32 feet in pitch darkness at night.

The motion detection feature comes with five levels of sensitivity to suit your needs.

The bulb camera also supports a Micro-SD memory card up to 128GB which you can get separately. It offers 24/7 continuous recording facility and the videos get automatically overlapped when it is full.

This huge storage facility lets you playback the video whenever you want. Once you connect this camera with WiFi, the live streaming can be easily accessed through your Windows PC, Android mobile, iPhone or iPad with the help of the 360eyes app.

It will raise an alarm on your smart device. This feature also lets you use it as a baby monitor while you are away from home. The product is not only user-friendly but provides effective service guarantee through 24 hours of customer care support.

#5 HIJUNMI Light Bulb Security Camera WiFi

HIJUNMI Light Bulb Security Camera WiFiThis light bulb camera from the house of HIJUNMI can be viewed by five phones at a time via an app. If you own an iOS or Android mobile devices, a PC or a tablet you get to enjoy the living stream comfortably from anywhere outside your home.

Whenever the camera detects any motion be it a person or object that is moving, it automatically sends an alert message to your phone app thus making you aware.

IF you want you can immediately take a look at the real-time monitoring or even playback the video later through the mobile app.

The device includes an infrared night vision that ensures clear images even at night. Its Memory card video encryption protects it from being accessed by the criminals. This light bulb camera also supports timing on/off the light. Unlike PoE security camera system it is very easy to install. You can easily get it in any of the reliable online stores conveniently.

#6 BESDERSEC Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera

BESDERSEC Full HD 1080P Home WiFi CameraThis IP Camera Security System features an Intelligent AI Mode and light up system when a person passes by. It has an in-built HD 1.44mm Fish-eye lens with HD 1080P resolution and a 360 Degree Panoramic Viewing without any blind area.

With Pro HD fish-eye lens and built-in IR LED it offers colorful day vision and clear night vision. This allows you to monitor your home or office with one single camera.

A smart motion alarm is sent to your smartphone to keep you aware. It also supports multi-devices remote viewing at the same time. Share the clippings with your families once you connect the camera with your phone.

Being compatible with E26 / E27 light socket makes it really easy to install. Install it in your entrance, porch, rooms, anywhere. No, drilling, no wiring just screw the camera into the light socket in minutes.

It works perfect for business monitoring, senior monitoring, pet monitoring and also vacation home monitoring. The best part is, all these exclusive features come at a mere price of $XX.XX in Amazon.

#7 Sengled Light Bulb Camera WiFi Home Security System

Sengled Light Bulb Camera WiFi Home Security SystemNow you can keep an eye on every little difficulty that your loved one faces with this simple Light Bulb Camera WiFi Home Security System by Sengled. Its smart and sleek funnel-shaped design won’t make your loved ones feel uncomfortable thinking that you are monitoring them. The free Sengled Snap app when installed on your smartphone lets you watch live 1080p video from anywhere. Its automatic night vision ensures good quality video even in low light.

It sends you alerts on your mobile whenever motion is detected in a designated zone i.e. within a 140-degree field of vision. This weatherproof device offers ultimate performance even when installed outside. Installation couldn’t have been easier with its simple twist and snap feature into a standard PAR38 light fixture.

Its free 24-hour cloud storage allows you to save a video for a day and playback it as per your convenience. The best part is the product comes with a 30 days free trial which means you should go ahead and purchase it right away.

If you want to know more about such light bulb security cameras, you can go through any of the Wifi Light Bulb Security Camera Reviews.

#8 JBonest 360°WiFi Light Bulb Security Camera

JBonest 360°WiFi Bulb CameraThis bulb camera portrays HD image, clear vision and powerful functions. Not only in day time you can expect clear vision even at night along with other interesting features like two-way audio, LED light control and brightness adjustment, motion detection, loop recording, sending alert messages, indicator control, taking pictures and multi-devices viewing and sharing.

Its hollow shell design helps in cooling the device faster and saves it from being damaged from heat. This feature aids the device in transferring real HD image.

You need not worry about its storage capacity as this light security camera comes with a 32GB memory card which can be expanded to 128GB. It also provides a 30 days free trail cloud storage service which can later be renewed against a subscription fee.

It comes with a 2.4GHz Wireless Wifi Connection, but one thing you should be care careful about is, not to include any special characters in its WiFi name and password. The reason behind is, the bulb camera can recognize the WiFi if it contains such special characters.

Just like how you care about the security of your home, the security of your car in your absence is equally important. For that, you can try installing a car security camera.

#9 JUKEY Light Bulb Camera 1536P Camera PIR Body

JUKEY Light Bulb Camera 1536P Camera PIR BodyIf you are thinking of buying a popular product, then you should go for this JUKEY Light Bulb Camera 1536P Camera PIR Body as it has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars in Amazon which speaks of its popularity.

This shower head-shaped comes with a UHD Lens providing 1972*1536P colorful image video at day time and its in-built LED and infrared lamps offer clear night vision.

Its PIR body sensing feature provides two modes of detection one is Human Body Sensing the other is Motion Detection.

It also comes with a two-way voice channel allowing you to communicate with the person at the other end. Its APP control feature allows you to enlarge or reduce images and control the light switch whenever required.

The device includes a 32GB TF card for storage. You can also opt for the cloud storage service for additional storage space. It is compatible with most of the latest smart devices.

Till today, you must have been using any of the best wired security camera system but its high you shun it and adopt this latest security product.

#10 ZXS Wireless Hidden Light Bulb Camera

ZXS Wireless Hidden Light Bulb CameraWatch the surrounding of your house and keep your family safe with this outdoor light bulb security camera. This multipurpose device is loaded with all the latest features like motion detection and alarm function, in-built ultra-responsive speaker and microphone it allows 24-hour real-time security monitoring.

To keep up the family bonding it allows five people to be online at the same time and communicate with each other with the help of the mobile app. So install it within minutes and start monitoring your loved ones 24*7 from anywhere.

#2 Things to Consider before Buying Best Light Bulb Security Camera

  • Features – While selecting the best home security camera you should consider one that offers the latest features and technologies. Like in case of a light bulb camera, you should go for an LED bulb camera which shows equal performance both inside and outside your house.
  • WiFi – In this case, you should be confident about the internet connection you use and its strength. It should be stable and able to connect to the WiFi camera you purchase.
  • Mobile view – In order to connect your phone with the security camera, you should go for a product that offers 2-way communication.
  • Budget – If you have a budget constraint, then you should reconsider the features you are looking for. The reason behind is the more it is packed with features it will cost you more. So, in such a case, it is advised to go for a branded product with minimum features rather than a non-branded product that is loaded with features. A solar powered security camera can be cost saving.

#3 FAQ

#1 Which is the Best Light Bulb Camera?

The Toucan Outdoor Wireless Wifi Security Camera is considered as the best light bulb camera due to the exclusive range of features it offers.

#2 How does Light Bulb Camera Work?

Normally light bulb security cameras are connected to your smartphone through an app. Whenever it senses something abnormal movement through its motion detection feature, the camera sends notifications directly to your phone as snapshots or emails.

#3 What is 1080p Camera?

Basically, the number 1080 denotes the resolution. 1080p is the format used in surveillance cameras. The figure denotes the horizontal viewing angle. When your security camera has a 1080p HD video resolution and recording function, it indicates that the bulb light camera works can tirelessly guard your home.

#4 Is Camera hidden in the light?

Apparently, if you see, a light bulb camera looks similar to a conventional light bulb, but it is fitted with a tiny camera on its body. It is difficult for someone to notice that the LED light has a camera due to the negligible size of the camera.

#4 Conclusion

Now that you have got the basic idea of what to look for in a light bulb security camera, you must have seen that some of the basic things that you should focus on are large viewing angle, clear images, ease of use and easy to install. Along with these features also check if the security camera is reliable and dependable to send you notifications when the motion detector is triggered.

Now if you are considering buying it online, don’t forget to go through the existing customer reviews. This gives you a clear idea of the pros and cons of the actual product. In case, you are not able to afford two or three light security cameras for your home it is recommended that you invest on one camera packed with all latest features and that which promises to work best.

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