TOP 10 Best Fireproof Safe for Cash & Document

Best Fireproof Safe for Cash & Document : Even the thought of your property or valuables catching fire can send chills down your spine. Fire is such an element of nature that has the power to destroy everything and you can hardly do anything to stop it. Out of the things destroyed, some may be replaceable, but most items are not.

Documents are one such irreplaceable item that needs to be protected in a fireproof safe to save them from any such disaster. The reason behind this is, during a fire outbreak, you will not be in a situation to grab along the important documents as you escape. Sometimes you may not be even present in the venue of the accident.

So, you should get a reliable Fireproof Safe for Cash and documents that will not only protect your documents and cash from a fire outbreak but also from theft. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best fireproof safes for you where all of them have a rating of 3.5 to 4.5 stars in Amazon that will help you take the right decision.

Best Fireproof Safe for Cash & Document Reviews

#1 Best Fireproof Safe For Cash & Documents Reviews 2021

#1 Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe for Cash

Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe for CashBe it for your home, office or hotel you can easily rely on this Yuanshikj Electronic Deluxe Digital Security Safe for Cash to store your noble metals, jewelry, cash and important documents.

This black-colored Small Fireproof Safe is made of heavy-duty alloy steel and has a capacity of only 0.2-cubic-feet. Its durable powder-coated finish makes it corrosion and stain-resistant. The safe features a dual security steel door with a magnetic lock for auto-locking.

You can easily operate it by entering your security combination. There are also 2 manual keys provided that you may need to use in the case of an emergency. Due to its compact size, you get easy access to your personal valuables. This digital fireproof safe is priced at only XX$ in Amazon which anyone can afford.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong and secure
  • Compact size and portable
  • Corrosion and stain-resistant
  • Features both knob and keypad lock
  • The magnetic lock ensures auto-locking
  • Doesn’t work properly
  • Recommended only for less valuable items

#2 SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe with Digital Keypad

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe with Digital KeypadDo you have to give access to your safe to others and you don’t find it comfortable to store your personal documents in it? Then you should definitely go for this SentrySafe.

SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe with Digital Keypad that offers you a removable locking drawer where you can store your important documents or fragile items and keep them safe from those who have access to the rest of the safe.

This safe is made of high-quality steel and comes in a gunmetal gray shade. This Large Fireproof Safe has a capacity of 1.23 cubic feet. It has a fire rating of 1 hour at 1700°F and is UL Classified. It is considered ideal for storing our documents, valuables, DVDs and USBs. It is also ETL Verified for 24 hours and can thus protect your valuables from water up to 8 inches deep.

This safe comes with digital combination lock also comes with manual keys for emergency. The light inside the safe makes it easy to locate things in the dark. You can bolt down the safe to a surface with the screws provided for added security.

It features live locking bolts that protect against any kind of forced entry. The safe is powered by 4 alkaline AA rechargeable batteries that last for 8-10 years. The safe comes with a limited 1-year warranty. With a total review of 3262 in Amazon, this can be considered as one of the best fireproof safes you can opt for.

  • Waterproof
  • Impact-resistant
  • Made of durable steel
  • Fireproof for 1 hour at 1700°F
  • Supports both digital keypad and secondary locking key
  • Interior light for increased visibility
  • Advanced protection against forced entry
  • Reinforced door with pry-resistant hinge bar
  • Removable internal drawer provides added security
  • No pre-drilled holes in the safe
  • The door gets jammed and sometimes difficult to open
  • The outer part of the handle is made of cheap plastic

#3 SentrySafe HD4100 Small Fireproof Cash Safe with Key Lock

SentrySafe HD4100 Small Fireproof Cash Safe with Key LockWhether it is your business records, medical records, financial paperwork, cash or any other important keep them safe and organized in this SentrySafe HD4100 Small Fireproof Cash Safe with Key Lock that has the ability to accommodate even hanging files. It lets you store important files like business records, medical records and financial paperwork in an organized manner.

This dark gray safe is made of captured fire insulation material that offers ultimate protection to your documents and cash. It has a medium capacity of 0.65 cubic feet. The safe features built-in straps for easy storage of smaller documents.

Being UL Classified it can withstand30 minutes of fire at 1550°F thus making it ultimate safe for storing not only your paper documents but also digital files like DVDs and USBs from fire. The safe is also ETL Verified that can withstand 72-hours of water submersion.

It features a flat key lock that prevents the lid from opening if there is a fire outbreak. There also 2 manual keys as a backup.

  • Water-resistant
  • In-lid organizer
  • Privacy key lock
  • Sturdy and compact
  • Safe even for DVDs, CDs and USBs
  • Fireproof for 30 minutes at 1550°F
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty
  • Cheap quality handle
  • Poor quality keys that break apart easily

#4 SereneLife Fireproof Safe Box for Cash & Documents

SereneLife Fireproof Safe Box for Cash & DocumentsAre you in search of a multi-functional and durable safe to store your valuables and keep them protected? Then this SereneLife Fireproof Safe Box for Cash & Documents can be an ideal option that will not keep your belongings protected from fire. So be it cash, firearms, personal documents, jewelry, etc. you can store them here safely.

This heavy-duty document and cash safe is constructed of engineered steel metal alloy andis black in color. The powder coat finish makes it corrosion and stain-resistant. The solid reinforced solid steel walls protect it form any kind from burglary. This dual security steel door comes with locking bolts.

This front-door features an Electronic Lock System along with 2 manual keys for safe access. This Digital Touch Button Control Pad allows you to set a customizable password that is normally difficult to crack.

The compact size of the safe together with the pre-drilled holes makes it perfect for mounting anywhere you want be it on the wall or floor. Also, the small size easily accommodates under your desk or counter. It runs on 4 AA batteries.

  • Sturdy build
  • Small size yet reliable
  • LED low battery indicator
  • Reinforced solid steel wall
  • Pre-drilled anchor holes make it easy to install
  • Powder coat finish makes it corrosion and stain-resistant
  • Features Digital Touch Button Control Pad and manual keys
  • Cheap plastic handle
  • Doesn’t have any fire rating
  • Touchscreen doesn’t work properly

#5 AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box SafeAs we all know some documents are practically irreplaceable and require ultimate protection. Now protect your documents, cash and valuables from both fire and theft with this AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe.

This black safe features a 14-gauge heavy-duty steel body that makes it highly durable. It has a capacity of 1.24 cubic feet. The adjustable shelf improves its storage space and lets you arrange your valuables as per your need.

The safe features an electronic keypad that gives you quick and easy access. There are also includes a back-up key to be used in the case of any emergency. The UL 72 Standard Fire Resistance ensures that it can withstand 20 minutes of fire at a temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are 5 big-sized bolts keep the safe secured in one place and adds to its security. It is powered by one 9V battery. You can not only store your documents and cash but also your digital media and protect them from both fire and theft.

  • Easy to access
  • Durable construction
  • 5 large bolts for extra security
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty
  • Undergone UL 72 Standard for safety tests
  • Adjustable shelf for better accommodation
  • Supports both electronic keypad and manual key
  • Horrible after-sales service
  • The number pad is made of inferior material
  • Not very secured, can be opened even using a BIC pen

#6 SentrySafe CHW30220 Fireproof Document Safe

SentrySafe CHW30220 Fireproof Document SafeWhen you want ultimate peace of mind and ensure that your valuables, documents and cash are completely safe from any kind of threat like fire and water then you should definitely invest in this SentrySafe CHW30220 Fireproof Document Safe that is fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 1550˚F and ETL Verified that makes it waterproof for 72 Hours even during a flood.

This black-colored safe is made of captured fire insulation material and is extremely sturdy. It has a capacity of 0.36 cubic feet that can hold all your important documents, small valuables and digital files like USBs and DVDs and save them from water and fire.

There are built-in straps that help in organizing social security cards, passports and birth certificates. It can even hold A4 size paper.

This fireproof safe features a tubular key lock that ensures that the lid doesn’t open upwhen there is a fire. It includes two keys for emergency situations.

  • Easy to use
  • Smart design
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Fireproof for 1/2 hour
  • Waterproof for 72 hours
  • Built-in straps for easy storage
  • Tubular key lock offers reliable protection
  • Not very spacious
  • Gets cracked easily
  • Poorly designed latch makes it difficult to open

#7 Modrine Waterproof Fireproof Safe to Protect Money

Modrine Waterproof Fireproof Safe to Protect MoneyCreate your own mini security space with this Modrine Waterproof Fireproof Safe to Protect Money that will effectively protect your valuables both at home and at work. Weighing only 6.69 pounds it is extremely portable. You can not only mount it on your wall or floor at home but also carry along this Fireproof Safe for Home with you while you are traveling in your car.

This heavy-duty safe is made of alloy steel and is black in color. The double-bolt lock features a thickened latch design that is made of thick chrome steel. This makes the door and the cabinet tightly interlocked and perfect.

This digital lockbox features an electronic password panel that lets you set a 3-8 digit password that can be difficult to crack by burglars. It is powered by 2 AA-Size batteries.

The wide space inside lets you conveniently store cash, documents, jewelry, passports, heirlooms, etc. The safe is not only fireproof but also waterproof and safe against any kind of theft.

  • Easy to set up
  • 2 live-door bolts
  • Small and lightweight
  • Pry-resistant concealed hinges
  • Supports both manual key locking and digital keypad
  • You can mount it on the floor, wall or inside the cabinet
  • The safe is not waterproof as described

#8 Flyerstoy Digital Electronic Security Fireproof Home Safe

Flyerstoy Digital Electronic Security Fireproof Home SafeIf you looking for an elegantly crafted safe with excellent features then you should take a look at this Flyers toy Digital Electronic Security Fireproof Home Safe that boasts of reinforced solid steel construction and comes in a sophisticated design. It promises long-lasting strength and keeps your documents and cash safe.

The corrosion and stain-resistant powder coat finish keep the box safe from getting rusted. It features a digital pin code where you can set up a 3-8 digit password. There are also two emergency override keys provided. If ever the battery drains out you can use these manual keys to open the safe.

For added safety you can mount the pre-drilled safe on your wall or floor with the 2 anchor bolts are that are included. If you are planning to store your legal documents then this is the right Fireproof Box for Legal Size Documents you can opt for.

So, order this reliable safe today and use it for storing your legal documents, jewelry, passports, cash, guns and a lot more. Though it has been mentioned that this electronic safe can be used to store your guns, for ultimate protection of your guns if any you should invest in a Fireproof Gun Safe.

  • Easy to use
  • Large capacity
  • Robust construction
  • Long-lasting and reliable
  • Digital lock with two manual keys
  • Felt padding protects delicate items
  • There is no insulation and not fully fireproof

#9 First Alert 2602DF Waterproof Fire Chest with Digital Lock

First Alert 2602DF Waterproof Fire Chest with Digital LockSave your important documents, cash and valuables from any kind of accidental fire by storing them in this First Alert 2602DF Waterproof Fire Chest with Digital Lock. It can withstand external temperatures of up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit for up to ½ hour.

This top-opening black-colored safe is made of high-quality steel and has a capacity of 0.39 cubic feet. It features a programmable digital lock that allows you to set your own 4 to 8 digit passcode. It comes with 2 emergency override keys that give you access to the safe even if the batteries die or you forget the passcode.

Apart from fire, this safe can also protect your valuables from water. The waterproof seal protects your contents even when the safe is submerged in water during a flood.

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • Ideal for storing small valuables
  • Fire-resistant for up to 30 minutes
  • Can hold standard A4-size papers flat
  • Features a programmable digital lock with 2 manual keys
  • The safe doesn’t have any handle
  • Lock made of cheap plastic that breaks easily
  • The flimsy lock doesn’t provide protection against burglars

#10 First Alert 2092F Waterproof and Fire

First Alert 2092F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Combination SafeResistant Combination Safe -Now you can safeguard your documents and cash against water, fire and theft with this First Alert 2092F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Combination Safe. This combination safe is known to protect your valuables from water, fire and theft.

Its outer body has the ability to withstand a temperature of up to 1700 degrees F for up to 1 hour while it can maintain an internal temperature of lesser than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The waterproof seal of the safe keeps the contents dry and protectedeven if the safe is submerged. The pry-resistant concealed hinges prevent thieves from breaking in and resist crowbar entry.

The body of the safe is made of a clay-based material with a gray-coloredplastic wrap. It has a capacity of 1.3 cubic feet that can accommodate your cash, jewelry, documents, electronic media like memory sticks, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives and a lot more.

The safe features 4 live-locking door bolts that offer additional security and keep the door firmly secured.There is also an emergency override key that ensures that you get access to your items even if you forget the combination. The adjustable storage shelf, door pocket, key rack helps you keep your valuables organized.

  • Sturdy build
  • Fire and waterproof
  • Adjustable storage shelf
  • Pry resistant concealed hinges
  • Comes with 5-year limited warranty
  • Manual combination lock hence no batteries required
  • The safe is heavy
  • Handle made of cheap material

#2 Things to Consider before Buying Best Fireproof Safe for Cash & Documents

When you are planning to buy a Fireproof Box for Money & Documents here are some of the factors that you need to consider:

• Size of the safe–The size plays an important role. The size of the safe is dependent on what you are planning to store where you are planning to place it in your house or office. It can either be a safe fitted to the floor or wall-mounted for added safety.

• Waterproof – Apart from being fireproof when you are buying a document safe you should also check if it is waterproof as both fire and water can equally damage your vital documents. Also, if you try to put out the fire with a sprinkler system the water may end up damaging the documents stored within.

• Know the minimum fire rating required for protecting paper and money – Fire-resistant safes should have a minimum of a 1-hour fire rating. If it has a fire rating of less than a 1 hour the safe will not be able to provide adequate protection to the documents or money stored inside on the event of a fire. For ultimate protection, you should opt for a 2 Hour Fireproof Cash Box.

The lock type – Most people are confused about whether to go for mechanical or electrical locks. Basically, a mechanical lock is a form of traditional lock that only an expert burglar can break-in. If you opt for a mechanical lock, go for a safe having at least two redundant locks so that it more difficult for the burglar to break in.

The digital or electronic locks on the other hand are considered safer. If you are opting for an electronic lock, see that it is EMP resistant. These locks run on batteries, so remember you need to change the batteries from time to time. Always avoid purchasing a safe with a Master Combination Lock as they are known to be extremely vulnerable to a theft attack. These locks reduce the huge number of 64,000 possible combinations to only 100 that makes it easy to crack.

• Know the difference between Fireproof and Fire-resistant – Apparently, both terms may sound the same, but practically they aren’t. A fire- resistant safe is one that is made out of a thin sheet of metal which can be easily broken in by a burglar.

This is the reason why it is recommended to go for a Fireproof Document Safe that is constructed of heavy-duty metals like steel and they keep your documents and valuables not only safe from fore but burglars too.

#3 Conclusion

Choosing a fireproof safe entirely depends on your preference. Each of the products that we have reviewed has their own benefits. You need to consider their individual portability, fireproof rating, whether it would fit in an A4 or legal-size documents, the locking mechanism, etc. and decide which is the best for you.

But remember, after using for several weeks or months, a musty smell may develop or moisture may build-up inside the safe. To help prevent such situations you need to keep your safe open out in the air for at least every 2 weeks for at least 20 minutes. Investing in a small packet of silica gel to keep it moisture-proof can also be a good idea as it helps in absorbing the moisture inside.

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