ASPENOL® is a “GOTS APPROVED” PVA free bio – eliminable new generation chemically modified starch compound blended with polymers and additives for cotton, polyester blends and 100% polyester spun yarn introduced as a single shot product. It forms a stable solution of high adhesive power and imparts high strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance to the spun yarn.

Aspenol improves the weaving efficiency of high reed-pick construction fabrics on high-speed shuttle less looms (300 to 1000 RPM) with great efficiency. It also eliminates the need for lubricants, softeners, and binder / acrylic polymers. It gives a low COD value compared to PVA-rich recipes used for air jet looms and the weaving of heavy construction fabrics.



Sundaram Industries single shot product ASPENOL® is recommended as a complete replacement for conventional warp sizes. The different grades differ in their ability to size high, low counts and denim.


Enter the required volume of cold water into the mixer and switch on the stirrer. See “Dosage Table” of product series.

This initial volume should be adjusted in order to obtain the usual final volume after boiling.

Add ASPENOL® powder and other ingredients (if required) into the cooking vessel under the stirrer for 10 minutes in the cold stage and then start the heating by injecting steam. It should be cooked for 40-50 minutes at the temperature of 100 – 130o C and maintained for check bath viscosity with a atira, Ford, Zahn cup and concentration of size of solution with a refractometer.

The size can be transferred to a storage tank and the temperature of 90-95o C can be maintained.


SUNDARAM –ASPENOL® can be used on all warper / sizer and wet split pre dryer systems which ensures that the individual threads are separated during the critical stages of drying.

Typical machine conditions are:

Size bath temperature-: 85oC – 90oC

Squeeze roll pressure-: 2 – 3 kg/cm2

Drying temperature-: 110oC – 140oC


Many factors are involved in deciding the optimum size loading but the formulations given in the “Dosage Table” will serve as a useful guide. We would welcome the opportunity to make specific recommendations for individual cases.


SUNDARAM – ASPENOL® should be removed from the fabric before any setting treatment to avoid the possibility of permanent fixation that may occur under these conditions.


Removal in wet finishing is straight forward and economical. Standard enzyme technique should be followed for complete removal. ASPENOL should be removed before caustic soda treatments like caustisize or bleaching.

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