About Us

About Us

Established in the year 1993 as an asset-based, privately owned company in Gujarat, Sundaram Industries has grown steadily over the past three decades and acquired a reputation as an innovator in the field of specialties chemicals, sizing chemicals, processing chemicals, finishing, oil drilling & paper industries.

The quality policy at Sundaram Industries involves re-designing business processes to take advantage of enormous product competencies. Sundaram Industries believes in value for money, global market competition, radical product innovation, product positioning, and sound management techniques for a better-quality system.

Quality perfection is our motto. We believe growth undergoes product innovation and quality. To sustain the initiative of achieving globally recognisable quality, Sundaram envisages a stronger research base for its sphere of activities.

At Sundaram Industries, technological innovation is given paramount importance. Our corporate team formulates and assesses customer service and orientation on an individual basis to enable us to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers globally.

Sundaram Industries continuously evaluates the impact of its products on the environment. With its internal studies and research, Sundaram tries to manage biodegradability in different environmental conditions. This allows us to ensure that our products and their decomposition by-products will not disrupt the ecosystem.

With its recent breakthrough in the manufacturing of ASPENOL, a P.V.A. free single component modified starch blend for modern high-speed shuttleless looms of 300 to 1200 RPM, Sundaram Industries has assumed the place of a global leader in meeting sophisticated chemical requirements.

Sundaram Industries offers a wide range of products suitable for application in the textile processing industries. Our main areas of focus are sizing, de-sizing, and finishing chemicals. We offer products for various types of fabric like cotton, polyester, and others that include synthetic fibres and blends.

The World and Sizing

The sizing process is an essential element in the production of warp yarn, which we weave at a high speed of 300 to 1200 RPM to produce top quality fabric.

ASPENOL, the first P.V.A. free modified maize starch compound, has been developed and introduced by Sundaram Industries. When combined with special additives, it gives excellent adhesion, lubricity, flexibility, and abrasion resistance to increase weaving efficiency.

At Sundaram Industries, our mission is clear: to provide cutting-edge sizing and processing chemicals and solutions that empower our customers to meet their goals efficiently. We believe in the power of chemistry to improve lives, protect the environment, and drive economic growth.

Our Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Sundaram Industries is to produce sizing agents, sizing lubricants, warp waxing agents / cold sizing agents, sizing softening agents, and processing and finishing chemicals that comply with international standards. These are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility using an approved process. Sundaram Industries products cover domestic and global market requirements in the sizing, processing, and finishing arena.

Why Choose Us

Unleashing Possibilities in Sizing Industries

Affordable Pricing

Discover budget-friendly sizing solutions that never compromise on quality or precision.

Professional Team

Our skilled experts deliver exceptional results, exceeding your expectations with every project.

24/7 Support

Reach out today for customized sizing services tailored to your unique needs. Let's unlock new possibilities together.

Delivering Excellence in Every Endeavor

Quality is ingrained in everything we do. Rigorous testing, meticulous processes, and adherence to international standards ensure that each product and service from Sundaram Industries represents unparalleled excellence.

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At Sundaram Industries, we specialize in providing innovative and reliable products for a wide range of industrial applications. Our extensive product portfolio includes machinery components, equipment parts, and precision tools, all designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industries.
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