Multi-functional sizing lubricant/wax for sizing of cotton and its blends. It has a wetting agent, de-aerating agent, and releasing agent, along with fatty acid easters to provide softness and surface smoothness.

Chemistry for performance

  • Gives excellent surface smoothness and softness
  • Provides flexibility for starch
  • Good release property to control hairiness of the yarn
  • Biodegradable; low foaming
  • Gives a lesser load on effluent due to a very low dose level

Chemistry for Economics

  • Lower economical dosage
  • 50% product of Sunsoft-40 can replace 1 part of mutton tallow / synthetic lubricant.

Physical Properties

Appereance pH Solubility Pack Size
Creamiest Paste 5.5 – 7 Dispersible in water 50 kg

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