SUNCOFIL CS-30 is used for waxing and oiling of unsized ply warps of Wool Staples, Polyester Staples, Cotton Staples and their blends.


A blend of starch, surface active agents and other surfactants.

Ionic nature Non-ionic
Appearance Colourless to Pale Yellow clear liquid
pH 5 % 4.00 – 6.00
Solid Content 20 ± 1%
Solubility Soluble


  • It helps in projecting fibres adhering to the yarn due to uniform cover.
  • Smoother passage of the warp threads through tension devices, stop motion, shedding motion and reed due to excellent yarn-to-other surface lubricity.
  • Reduced friction between yarns in shedding on the weaving machine.
  • Reduction in dust formation during weaving.
  • Reduction of electrostatic charges due to outstanding antistatic property.


Equipment Sectional warper
Dissolving method SUNCOFIL CS-30 is applied evenly on an after waxing device either undiluted or diluted at room temperature during the rewinding from the sectional warper to the beam.
Application Quantity Approx. 2 – 4 % SUNCOFIL CS-30 o.w.y.
Washing Instruction SUNCOFIL CS-30 can be easily washed out. However, one has to make sure that the treated material is not thermo-fixed before washing.


  • Storage stability for at least 12 months
  • Storage and transport: Storage and transport not below 0°C and not above 45°C. Otherwise, the product is no longer usable.

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