A new specially designed flexible synthetic polyester resin with polymers to improve adhesion and cohesion for sized spun yarn for both cotton and polyester blends. We have developed one of the world’s most economical, ecological and efficient range of products for sizing warp yarns.


  • Improves abrasion resistance and cohesive index
  • Produces higher weaving efficiencies
  • Improves warp flexibility
  • Excellent smooth film with low viscosity
  • Compatibility with all types of starches
  • Higher film strength with lower droppings
  • Compatible with all kinds of yarns and looms except water jet looms
  • No foam
  • Resistant to bacterial attack


SUNBIND can be directly poured into the storage tank under stirring & mixing and is continued for approximately 10 minutes. You can also add it with starch and other ingredients in a cooker and cook them together at the required temperature.


  • SUNBIND is a low viscosity product
  • SUNBIND gives extraordinary results in air-jet looms.


SUNBIND is a completely water soluble acrylic co-polymer compound having low viscosity. With special additives, it gives excellent adhesion, lubricity, smoothness & flexibility. SUNBIND is used in the same process with many advantages for the customer:

  • Lower cost
  • Less products
  • Less handling
  • Fewer chemicals
  • Less sludge


Desizing of this compound is relatively simple. Standard enzyme techniques should be followed for complete removal.


  • Very low environmental impact
  • Reduced BOD and COD
  • Decreases 2 to 4 times sludge formation


Storage temperature: 0-50°C
Shelf life: 6 months
SUNBIND is available in 50 kg carboy packings

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