SUN – 600AT

Chemical Name: blend of phosphate ester


Appearance at 25 deg. C Yellow to Yellowish Brown Liquid
PH 10 % 6.00 – 10.0
Solid Content 32.00 -35.00%
Solubility Soluble
SUN – 600AT


Packing 50 - 200 KGS HDPE Drum
APPLICATION Use as Polymeric Anionic lubricant, Concentrated & Excellent Antistatic Oil for PV/PC yarn, anti-creasing for denim, heavy GSM Cotton fabrics.


Should be stored indoors in their original packing, which should be kept tightly sealed.


Based on our experience and the information available at our disposal, they do not exert any harmful effect on health, provided they are used properly. For details go through the safety data sheet.


Sundaram Industries endorses the results on the certificate of analysis for a period of up to two years from the date of manufacture. Beyond two years, we recommend the quality of the material is confirmed prior to use.

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